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Untreated dental issues can cause pain and infection, as well as loss or damage to your teeth. Even if your routine includes regular checkups and preventative measures, you need to make sure to visit your dentist. While a renovated office with fancy equipment may look appealing, remember that this is a medical procedure and should include examination, diagnosis, and treatment.

Advantages of visiting a dentist regularly:

Prevent Tooth Loss

Regular cleanings and checks help to prevent gum disease, which can lead to tooth decay. Gingivitis, which can cause damage to the gum and bone that is the anchor and support for our teeth, can lead to tooth loss. Tooth decay can also lead to tooth loss. Your oral health can be affected if your permanent teeth are lost.

X-Rays Can Detect Problems Early

Your dentist can diagnose problems with your gums and teeth using dental radiography. Your jawbone may have bone decay, tumors, tooth decay or impacted teeth. Other oral health problems could also be present. These conditions can be detected early and treated by your dentist before they become more severe.

Cavities Can Be Detected and Treated Early

Cavities can be very painful and pose a serious threat to your health if they aren’t treated. Cavities can lead to infections which can then cause further problems. Because they can spread to the bloodstream, infections in the mouth should be treated immediately. Septicemia can result. Septicemia can be a life-threatening condition that can quickly get worse. It can be caused by infections throughout the body, including the mouth.

Our dentist aims to educate patients on proper dental care and the recommended treatments. They help their patients develop good preventative care habits.

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